Field of Study

@I aim to establish the theory of infrastructure's value as "social stock". The research fields are mainly on phenomenological approach to landscape evaluation, heritage studies (majorly of industrial, civil engineering and landscape heritages) and fundamental analysis of landscape interpretation, mainly on Technoscape, landscape of Industry. In parallel with literature surveys, fieldworks or media-analysis realizes the discovery of social affairs and problems. I, personally, expect students' zeal, spontaneous proposal of the research topics, and fresh insight!

@Any students or researchers with various majors, from various countries, with various value and ambitions, will be welcome! Please contact me at;

: Research on Landscape (incl. Technoscape) Evaluation
@ Analyze the property of landscape evaluation by the local or global levels, through media or text analysis. Data with firm quality + quantity should be indispensable.

: Research on Landscape (incl. Technoscape) Rhetoric
Apply the theory of landscape (or other aesthetic object) evaluation in art, literature, gardening or other existing aesthetics to evaluate the significance of landscape. In some cases, we add positive analysis to prove the effect of abstracted rhetorics.

: Research on History of Landscape, Space and Civil Engineering
There is a saying, "To know new things, learn by studying the old". Learning history sometimes leads to new ideas of creation. We make research on prominent cases of challenges our predecessors had made, and verify the subsequent generation of landscape.

: Research on Method of Social Enlightenment of Landscape Value
Attempt to grasp the significance and method of social enlightenment of landscape value, such as event, symposium or other media.

: Research on the Landscape Formation
By grasping the status of landscape and space, we practically attempt to develop the design methodology.

: Research on Principles of Landscape Cognition
We apply the phichologial analysis with CAD images, to verify the landscape cognition or evaluation.